Weeee’rrreee Baaaaaaack!

It’s been too long. It feels like 2 years have gone by since daHIFI was back under our control, not held some cybersquatting domain thieves. We can understand the business plan: Snatch up recently lapsed domains, wait for their owners to come back looking for them and then charge exorbitant rates to release them back. Sorry fuckers, but we don’t play that game. We did learn our lesson however. Never deal with Network Solutions or Register.com. We’re letting our web host handle the details from here on out and hopefully this won’t happen again.

Anyways, here we are again. It’s been too long since I’ve had a proper home on the web. I’ve been doing my thing with epicHoney.net for the past year and change to pass the time, but that site is more for the Hampton Roads music, not my own personal ramblings. It’s good to be home. I’m not going to bother with the archives, they seemed so dated last time I browsed through them, half of the links broken and half of the political venom long since dissipated due to the passage of time. No, we’ll just start anew, fresh from scratch. Just a post when we feel like it, hopefully stretch those creative muscles that have seen better days.

It’s fitting that today’s the first of June, Memorial Day a dozen minutes behind me. My birthday is less than a week away, my 31st. I’ve got a lot to do this next week, hopefully I’ll be starting a new job, and there’s plenty to get done between school, house projects and music. I just hope I can squeeze some more time out of the day to attend to this site. I think I can manage.

That’s enough for now, there’s some things I need to do before I sleep and I think it best if I let my subconscious take control for a few hours before I do anything else here. Ta-ta for now,

welcome back.

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