Thoughts on completing a three day fast.

So there’s been a lot of talk about the benefits of fasting. I’ve been doing time-restricted fasting for serveral months now just as part of my regular diet. I usually don’t eat until after 11AM, except on Sundays when family comes over for breakfast. I’ve been wanting to do a longer, 3-day water fast for some time, and after a 24-hour water fast a week ago, I decided to start a full 3-day one earlier this week.

My last meal on Wednesday was some chicken wings and mixed nuts for lunch around noon. Probably not the best meal, but to be honest my decision to go ahead with the 3-day was a bit unplanned. I had been thinking about it for some time, so I did manage to prepare. I picked up some magnesium supplements, and some melanin to go with the L-theanine. Since fasting can cause the autonomous nervous system to ramp up, I wanted some things to help calm me down so that I could sleep at night.

Day one wasn’t too bad, ignoring my stomach wasn’t too difficult to do. Day two was a bit more rough. I tried to stay active, and did some yard work, but I could tell I had real low energy. I needed lots of breaks. The bit of hedge trimming I did after noon into the third day was absolutely brutal. I was miserable.

The morning on day three wasn’t too bad, and before I broke fast I tried to do my standard 30-minutes of daily meditation, but it was hard. I knew it was the only thing standing between me and my lunch, and all I could manage was to lay on the floor prone for that time until the bell rang.

I broke with some tree nuts, pistachios, walnuts, and the like, as well as a deli chicken sandwich wrap. It was DELICIOUS. I’ve been pigging out all day today: huge Thai dinner; ice cream for desert; and a bag of popcorn earlier. I’ll have a big breakfast tomorrow and then it’s back to usual.

I plan on doing these 3-day water fasts at the 3 and 6 month mark. I heard that the long-term changes really go into effect after the third time, and I want to see if this has any impact on my chronic cholesterol issues.


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