Staycation: Day 7

We were rained in yesterday. I tried to keep the kids occupied by offering them several chore cards that they could turn in for screen time. It worked until after lunch, when my wife decided she was done for the day and then it was Marvel movies till the end of the day.

A few days ago, the state decided to start allowing alcohol deliveries, so we were able to order wine and beer through Instacart. I asked the delivery person how things were out there, and she said that it was crazy. Lots of empty shelves. I anticipated as much so I bought double bread and lots of canned meats: Vienna sausages, smoked oysters, and even a pound of canned ham.

Our homemade hot dog bun experiment did not go well. The bread came out OK, but was too dense to fit a dog into. It was funny really. They’ll make better breadsticks with pasta tonight. I normally put crushed carrots in the tomato sauce; I’m going to put in sardines tonight and see if the kids notice.

Undoubtedly, my main concern is food security. I figured we’d need two weeks worth of food to deal with quarantine and a full lock down, but now I’m wondering what is the most efficient way to get a longer supply. Like how many calories does a family of four need for a year, and how many bags of rice is that? Someone told me Mormon families keep a years worth of food in their house, and it’s left me wondering.

Of course if it gets to that, we’re all well and truly fucked. I’ve got a couple accounts in my Twitter feed that are really sounding the alarm as far as the finance system goes, but there’s not a lot of concern for the food system, yet. I did see an article that planting season in North America is still a few weeks out, and noted that with temporary immigration shut down, we might have some problems with planting and harvesting some of those crops.

The pandemic continues to spread. Boris Johnson warned UK citizens that they’re going to become like Italy if they don’t distance. Israel is on full lockdown, but that might be more about Bibi protecting himself from trial and trying to stop unrest over the elections. Nothing out of Putin or Russia. There’s probably mass suppression there.

More cities on the East Coast are starting to see rapid increases in cases. Mario Cuomo seems to be acting like the President should be, and there are theories that the DNC is going to make him the nominee somehow. Rumors are that Biden is sick. Bernie has pivoted his campaign to helping spread information and help people, but most of the primaries are being cancelled. I’m not sure there’s a path to victory for him.

And Trump continues to be an unmitigated disaster. Unable to hold rallies, he’s resorted to press conferences for attention. It’s mostly him rambling, followed by his sycophants talking about what a great job he’s doing, followed by the experts like Dr. Faulci, getting up and contradicting what the President just said. Every time he speaks, the Dow plummets.

Bitcoin has been pretty quiet this weekend. Monday morning will tell what the markets do. I’m down to the last purchase of GBTC or two that I’ve been executing since we started, over twenty weeks ago. I’ve still got enough cash to continue dollar-cost averaging the positions I have active, plus enough to open two or three new positions.

My wife keeps using the word “surreal” to describe what’s going on. We’re very lucky, basically on a staycation for this last week. She’s probably going back to work tomorrow. I’m going to keep the girls home and see how well I handle them.

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