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I didn’t realize that we surpassed three hundred posts a few days ago until accident just now. I don’t feel like saying much right now, but wanted to keep the streak going. We had a pretty productive day for a lazy afternoon, and I’m looking forward to turning in tonight and getting a fresh start on the week. I actually woke up this morning thinking it was Monday, so today has been a bit of a bonus day. I cut the grass, did some price comparison shopping for the deck rebuild, and spent the afternoon at the pool with the girls. It was a pretty good day.

I did manage to build a small net worth database in Notion last night. I added all my debt, cash, investment and asset accounts into a table and was able to join them together and get a good sense of my finances. In short, things are looking pretty good. I’m not ready to quit my job yet though. I’m still optimistic that Bitcoin will put me in a position where I won’t have to worry about working unless I want to within the next four years, and I’m trying hard to find evidence that will prove me wrong. It’s a bit hard to come by.

I’ll share two podcasts that I listened to today that touch on financial matters:

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