Work weekend

Another weekend draws to a close.

Today was not nearly as productive as yesterday. I spent most of the morning messing with VMs and blockchains, trying to get things Monero and Arrow synced back up so I can access my funds. I managed to combine four 250GB drives together into a striped software RAID (converting Win10 from AHCI to RAID is just too cumbersome), and configured WSL 2 and Docker on it.

Trying to build Monero from scratch in the official Dockerfile was a wash. One of the dependencies wouldn’t build, so I just wound up downloading the precompiled binaries. Things are still pretty slow to sync, and could take another week. I may use some of my Azure credits and just start tucking stuff there. We’ll see.

I did lots more reading on various projects, mostly DeFi stuff like Curve and Yearn. These things are really complicated, and I don’t have the type of free capital to deploy to really take advantage of these protocols, given the high fees.

Probably the most interesting piece of news today was about this new Project Serum DEX. It’s built on Solara, of which I had never heard of before, but there’s so much going on with this project that I was just fascinated. The hardware requirements for the nodes themselves are quite impressive, and it looks like it requires about thirty million dollars of SOL tokens for a stake. I’m not sure how this compares to similar projects, but it’s pretty obvious that this is out of my league.

I’m still evaluating other options, a ChainLink node, perhaps, but it seems I’ve been priced out of that as well. I’ll just have to stick with my IDEX node for the time being and start testing for Etherum 2.0. The requirements for that are still within my grasp.

In fact, ETH is the most profitable token up on the mining calculator right now, so I’ve switched the rig over. I’m not sure what this means for my BEAM converter, but I’m waiting for slight bounce back in price before I sell to cover August’s mining costs.

My immediate goal is to figure out how to generate income. I spent too much of the last two years focused on politics and finishing my degree. I think I’m mostly done with my little adventure doing WordPress builds. The opportunity is just too big to miss right now.

I’ve got work to do.

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