DeFi notes

This weekend was a bit rough.

The kids were on my nerves the whole time and my temper kept flaring up. The girls seem to think they can just do whatever they want and ignore what I ask them to do. It’s infuriating. Missus is stressed out from work, and has been sleeping a lot. I’m stressed out cause she’s sleeping a lot and it feels like I’m doing most of the work around here.

We did manage to have some fun around here. I had promised Younger an ice cream party if she learned her letters. She did that several weeks ago and has been waiting patiently through Halloween and her friend’s birthdays, and Saturday I took her to Cold Stone and let her pick out three different flavors. She was really distraught when I told her that her friends wouldn’t be able to come over till Sunday, and on Sunday she must have asked five or six times if it was time.

So they came over yesterday afternoon and had their ice cream in the backyard. And these kids are exhausting, man, I tell you.

We also watched Biden’s victory speech Saturday night, although I had a hard time getting Elder to pay attention to it. I told her it was important to watch cause she’s so young that she probably doesn’t remember anything about the Obama presidency, and I want her to remember this moment. Younger probably won’t remember it. Missus was more interested in Harris’s speech and making Elder watch it. She didn’t see any point in making her pay attention to another old, white dude. Still I think moving on from the Trump presidency as soon as possible is very important.

Most of my time this weekend was spent reconciling my DeFi transactions, trying to figure out how to reconcile the ycrvBUSD that I have. I owed the girls some, so I got those numbers recorded in my Notion database and moved a bunch more fiat into them. I was tempted to buy more BTC, but decided to stick with my stablecoin strategy for the time being.

I also spend some time on the Yearn Discord and reading over the smart contracts to try and figure out just what the heck is going on. I pulled my ETH out of the vault since it was inactive, and considered doing so with LINK save for the fact that I don’t know what else to do with it. I talked to someone about using it as collateral on Aave for something else, but I don’t want to risk it.

Also, it seems that there is a new test USDC vault, which there seems to be some excitement around. I was tempted to move some funds there but I’m playing with savings here. I’m already nervous enough after hearing of some US-based crypto lending firm filed for bankruptcy this week. I don’t know enough about their business model to know whether BlockFi is at risk as well, but much of CT seemed to think so.

After I deal with day job stuff I need to take a look at my altcoin lending portfolio. Several positions should have stopped out during the pre-election run up, but I’m not entirely sure I had my stops set properly. Cosmos, PolkaDot, and Serum are all well below my stops, only ChainLink has managed to hold its position. I need to calculate my losses and figured out if I’m allowed to make any November trades. I found a new degen yield farming site and am tempted to try and take a position on one or two. If I was smart I would just wrap my BTC and put it in a vault. Alternatively, I don’t have any CRV or YFI tokens, and as much as I’m relying on the vaults I should probably allocate some funds there.

But the best strategy might just be to hold my BTC for now. It seems on the verge of a breakout this morning, and I have no idea what equities will do this morning now that Biden has won. We’ll see.

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