Day jobbing during a bull run

$BTC has broken $19k and it looks like today could be another good day. Hopefully not too good, cause I do have work to do. I’d like to get some work done on the front end for the Ether Auction, but I have a feeling Zombie, LLC is going to be sucking most of my attention this morning. I had several fires yesterday that still need cleaning up, and it’s hard to care in a bull market.

I had a heart to heart with Bossmang last week. I told him I wasn’t currently looking for another job, but also that he wasn’t paying me enough to put my kids back in day care. So I’m forced to rely on my coworkers to get stuff done onsite. An unfortunately for us, the only other person with any technical know-how is completely unreliable, unorganized, and incompetent. It’s harsh, but I’ve tried to work with this person, but they lack the basic skills one needs to succeed in this role, and I’ve given up several times. I’ve told Bossmang to let them go several times over the years, and despite the fact that Bossmang agrees with me, they’ve never done anything about it. It’s been going on for years, and dragging us down.

It may have been GE’s Jack Welsh that came up with the following saying that I’m paraphrasing: There are three ranks of employees, A’s, B’s, and C’s. A’s are the top performers, the ones who get things done, are self sufficient. B’s are the average employees, the ones who show promise and could become top performers with the proper mentoring. C’s are the employees who — how do we say, just aren’t right for the role. While it is possible for B’s to become A’s when put in the proper role and given the proper guidance, C’s will never become B’s. An my man is a C.

We had a morning call and talked about everything going on with the project, and I tried not to point a finger while making it perfectly clear who was responsible for the mess. My boss’s response was that we “needed more project management”. I’m so done.

I had several other problems that I continued to work through today, but they just seem so unimportant. I need to get out. It’s really hard to care bout my job when I’m watching my account balances earn two or three month’s salary in a day. It’s crazy.

I finally started working on the Ether Auction app. The contract is pretty much where I want it for this first run, but I have to figure out how to deploy an app for it. Create-eth-app comes with React out of the box, as well as a subgraph for TheGraph, which I’ve used once for PRIA, but this time I need to set up a local development node and figure out how to make all that work. I’ll get there, slowly but surely.

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