Badgers and Whales

Every time I miss a day on this blog I feel like coming back and asking penance. Monday was really crazy and decided to tie one on with the Missus last night. Spent today in Hangover City, as she likes to say. The weather has been really crappy the past few days, so we haven’t gotten outside much, the kids are going a bit crazy and are taking up a lot of my time, which is putting pressures on what I’m supposed to be doing for my day job and other projects I want to get done.

Speaking of my day job, I’ve been doing so well with my investments that I decided to try and have a talk with Missus about leaving my job to focus on crypto projects. She’s not having any of it. We still have a mortgage and I still have student loan debt, and she’s not interested in having any conversation with me until after that’s gone. And she wants to retire too she says. I became very frustrated, cause I could basically liquidate a year’s salary out of my trading portfolio if I wanted to, and basically sit on the cash, but she doesn’t want to hear it. Very frustrated.

BadgerDAO is mainly the reason that I’m considering this now. I’m on day eleven or so since I started farming through it, and am still making somewhere around five hundred percent APY on it right now. It’s insane. Between the increase in BADGER’s price, the DIGG airdrop, and the various pools that I’m in, I’ve already doubled my money. I really don’t know what to do. I’ve already been looking around at other degen projects on CoinGecko, trying to figure out what to ape into next, but I haven’t done anything other than rebalance some holding so that I could stake my DIGG airdrop.


Also yesterday, Set Protocol / Token Sets released their public UI, allowing anyone to create their own set. We’re probably going to use this as a starter pool for Homebrew.Finance’s $BREW token, but I’ve got more research to do on the Set management and how deposits and withdrawals will work. I started looking at the contract code today, but I’m not in any rush. I’m hoping it might be useful for managing my IRA funds once that’s been opened, but I’m probably looking at next week or two from now before I have funds available for that; I’m still waiting on the LLC to be formed.

And earlier today, Dr. Mantis of $PRIA fame dropped the documentation on MetaWhale, his new, very ambitious project. Going over that is going to take a post of its own, but I started putting some thoughts together in this thread.

I’m feeling pretty good about Metawhale, considering the fact that the NTF drop that I got is worth about three ETH right now, and the airdropped tokens that I’m getting with the MW launch will be a pretty nice asset to be holding. I’m more interested in the way these Whales (BTC and PaxGold funds) will be buying up and distributing PRIA via airdrops. It’ll basically amount to perpetual income for the life of the project. It’s very interesting.

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