The next decade

I’ve reached the breaking point with work, and have told my boss, in no uncertain terms, that I will be stepping away by June. I’m not going to discuss the circumstances that finally broke me or the way in which I did it, but it’s obvious to me that between my family, job, crypto and personal health, my job has been the lowest priority on that list for some time, and I cannot continue to live such an unbalanced life. I am grateful to my boss for the last eight years of employment, however I cannot continue to hold myself back from fully embracing the opportunities in the crypto industry and starting the next phase of my life.

There is a saying, that the thing that you want is behind your fear, and I have been afraid of taking that step for several years. I’ve been telling myself the criteria that I would need to meet to step away, and have kept finding excuses not to take that step. No more.

I’m extremely lucky to be in the place where I am now, although I understand that my position is extremely tenuous. Having seventy percent of your net worth locked up in crypto puts one in a very volatile position, financially, and I have got to take immediate steps to derisk my positions and build up a cash reserve that will provide my family stability over the next year, no matter what happens to bitcoin or crypto. To that end, I’ll be accelerating profit taking of my existing assets and rotating funds into cash and tax-deferred crypto accounts.

To prevent myself from waffling and reneging on my promise to myself, I am going to write a blog post announcing the departure and post it to my normie Twitter, LinkedIn, Medium, and Substack accounts, no later than this Friday.

My immediate concern is capital preservation, and preventing myself from taking unnecessary financial risks that will put this departure plan in jeopardy. Barring a black swan event, I believe that we’ll see BTC prices near six figures by the time I’m ready to depart, but in the event that we do not, I will still need to have a year’s cash on hand to handle expenses. And if I’m correct, my wife and I will have achieved financial independence before the end of the year.

My wife, bless her soul, will always be the main critic of this plan. She’s watched me fall further and further down the crypto rabbit hole these last five years, and has been my rock for the last sixteen years of my life. She knows me and my baser tendencies, and will take much more convincing to go along with this plan. Terms will be set.

I’ve been giving a lot of though to the values and principles that I want to establish and pass down to my children. I’ve always believed in a world of morals without religion, but I’ll admit that the absence of church or religion has left us a bit unmoored. I’ve realized that puts extra work on our shoulders to actually be explicit about our values around work ethic and service to others, that we have to work harder to fight our baser instincts and battle our addictions. We have to set the habits that will make us thrive, we have to build a network of friends and colleagues and take steps to reach out to people that make us better. It’s work.

And to that end, we’re going to hold our first monthly family meeting with the kids, where I’ll be proposing a draft of a family constitution. It’s an idea that I got from the Business of Family podcast. It sets roles and responsibilities, both for parents and children, and provides a plan so that everyone knows what’s expected of them, and sets a framework for long-term, multi-generational planning. I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately.

If this is going to work out, if I’m going to achieve the plans that I set out to achieve, then I’m going to need the help and support of a team outside my family as well. I’m not going to become a man of leisure anytime soon, I’ll have to have a job, else Missus will never go along with it. She still remains convinced that she’s going to be working for the next fourteen years to finish her government pension, and will not abide the thought of me as Mr. Mom, staying up late and engaging in shenanigans, while she continues to hold a steady job in order to provide health care coverage to our family. I’ll need something to do to keep me busy.

The choice is obvious. I’ll make it my mission to help as many people get started on the same journey as I am. Financial independence through bitcoin, if you will. Whether that is by helping them open tax-advantaged retirement accounts for their crypto, offering passive or active investment vehicles, educating them about crypto, or helping them learn about financial indepI’m making it my mission to help as many people get started on the road to financial independence through bitcoin.endence so that they can live the type of life they want, I can think of no better way for me to spend the next ten years building the life I want.

I’ve already been experimenting with this via Homebrew.Finance, but the work has been going slow, too slow. I’ve got a lot of ideas to implement and need people with skills that can help me make it happen. So I’m putting out the call, and will be making it formally (non-anon) this Friday. I need to build a professional, crypto-savvy, team of partners who are on on the same road as me, and want to help others get there as well. If this is you, then please let me know in the comments, via my Twittter, or at my gmail (@dahifi).

Here’s looking forward.

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