Sixty thousand

In three weeks, the price of bitcoin has gone from fifty-eight thousand dollars on February 21st, down to forty-three a week later, and has now breached sixty on some exchanges.

I hope you bought the dip, friend.

Yesterday was hectic for me. Bossmang decided that he wanted to do a router and UPS installation the day before, which would have been a simple task, but quickly turned into a panic job. I had forgotten that we had scheduled a visit to the passport office to get passports updated or issued for everyone. So while I’m on the phone trying to coordinate new IPs and remote router configuration with him, the kids are screaming at each other while I try to get them to make lunch. On top of that, Friday was supposed to be my “public announcement” of my retirement, but by the time I got back and finished up the day, it was too late to get it out by my original 4PM Friday deadline. I did manage a thousand words or so, a nice start.

Yesterday was beautiful, the weather reached seventy and sunny. It got hot in the house, but rather than put on the AC I just opened all the windows before bed. Friday evening was tame, we let the girls have their friends over for TV and pajama party. I actually wound up going to bed at a decent hour, read a chapter of Shantaram and When Money Dies before passing out. I woke up this morning with cool air coming in the window along with the sounds of birds chirping, so I got out of bed very early and checked the price. Retirement is back on.

I’m still no closer to figuring out how to pay off the mortgage. I’m hoping it will be an easier decision in the next few weeks. For now, I’ve got about twenty pounds of pork sitting on the counter, waiting for me to fire up the smoker. Today will be chill, nothing to do but cook and write, and plan for the future.

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