Yesterday Elder woke me up at 4:30AM after an accident. I had only been to bed since midnight but my ADHD-addled brain wouldn’t let me go back to sleep afterward. I spent the next couple hours on the verge of sleep before getting up and meditating. I managed to fall asleep for another hour but by eight I was completely awake and mostly useless. Thankfully I went to bed before ten last night and slept like a baby. So here I am. My

My project work at Zombie, LLC is winding down. I have a couple of things I need to wrap up on Friday, but then I think the way is pretty much clear for my departure. I still need to complete my resignation letter, and there’s a lot of things that I need to do elsewhere to make sure everything happens on track.

Missus and I just signed our closing documents for our refi. It seems kinda stupid to me to be paying twenty-five hundred in costs when I plan on paying the whole thing off in a few months, but it was for Missus’s peace of mind, not mine. It’ll take a couple months for us to get our escrow back from our current lender, then we’ll be getting new windows here at the house. Our stimulus and tax returns will be paying most of that.

I’ve got a lot of funds in play right now. My 60-day IRA rollover is on the way to the LLC bank, once it clears it’s on to FTX, and eventually to my new hardware wallet, which is coming Thursday night. I’m not quite sure what I’m doing with it quite yet, but I’m pretty sure it’s all going straight into ETH and DeFi. I’m starting to liquidate my personal holdings and am doing yield farming with my USDC. There’s a lot going on with BadgerDAO right now, so I’m keeping a close eye on things and trying to decide what to do. DIGG is hemorrhaging capital right now, and Badger itself is holding somewhat steady in USD terms, but falling slowly against BTC. Other than that, I’m trying to bring myself to sell my IDEX funds. It’s still up 10x from where I purchased, but it’s not really doing much of anything. Apparently I’m earning drops on BSC and some other chain, but I don’t have time to keep up with it and would rather just sell it and farm the proceeds. I brought up the transaction on Zapper several times yesterday, but couldn’t bring myself to pull the trigger. Maybe today.

There’s a lot going on with Homebrew.Finance and MUG this weekend. TokenSet/SetProtocol now allow editing the Set page, so I’ll be able to update it with the Homebrew website and Twitter. We’re supposed to be doing our first reissue and rebalance this weekend. So far the plan is to move forward with liquidation, but I’m looking for a way out of doing that, cause it’s going to be expensive. I might just need to put tokens up on Uniswap or try to sell them OTC to raise some funds first. I’ll probably need to think this through a bit more, and should focus on getting the deployed. There’s a lot of work to do.

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