More insomnia

Yesterday I had a board meeting with Elder. It’s another idea I got from the Business of Family podcast to maintain a connection with her. Once a quarter, you basically take a half day to spend some time together. We went out to do some shopping and to to a trampoline park. We stopped by a couple of discount stores to purchase some housewares, and she went a bit crazy in the dollar store buying candy. I let her pig out. Then we went to the trampoline park to bounce for ninety minutes. It was, according to her, the best day ever.

I however, was less than thrilled, we were both overdressed for the strenuous activity, and our facemasks made it even worse. By the time we left we were both exhausted. And it really served to remind me how out of shape I am. I managed to make it to the top of one of the climbing walls, but my upper body has really atrophied lately. I’m feeling it this morning.

I went to bed at a decent hour last night, and was punished for it when I woke or was woken at 3:30AM and couldn’t fall back asleep. I tried meditating, listened to a podcast and tossed on the couch for the past two hours or so, but I finally gave up. My mind couldn’t stop thinking about crypto, OFC, and trying to figure out what to do next.

I’ve still got to wire seven thousand dollars to close our mortgage refi. Most of it is closing costs, but part of me just wants to cancel it and pay the whole thing off, but the problem is I can’t figure out what I want to divest myself of to do it. So much of my investments are heavily weighted toward a few large assets: bitcoin, both spot and GBTC; Voyager, in my IRA; and BadgerDAO, three different LPs for Badger and Digg, as well as staked versions of both. So I won’t be paying the house off, at least not this week.

My short term goal remains stocking up on USDC in my trading accounts, while rolling over my IRA funds to a crypto wallet. It remains slow going. I’ve only got access to $5k ACH transactions via FTX because they haven’t completed my verification, so I’ll have to bug them to get that lifted, or submit a wire request to them or Kraken. It’ll take me ten weeks at the rate I’m going, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but I don’t want to take a year to roll funds over.

I’m having a real hard time exiting my larger positions. I’m even finding it hard to sell five figures of a relatively obscure DEX token that I’ve been holding for a year and a half. Maybe it’s all the work I put into it years ago, but part of me is waiting for it to have another run. If I can bring myself to sell it I’ll be about one-third of the way to my June 1st goal.

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