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My head is everywhere this morning. Yesterday I finally got a wire through to an exchange, so I’ve got one-tenth of my IRA on exchanges right now, only a fraction of that is actually in my wallet. I think I may be going a bit mad. I need to put a capital allocation plan together pronto, as my mind is racing as to what to do with the funds.

My original intention was to allocate a 40/40/20 deployment to BTC/ETH/DPI, but I also was looking at deploying some funds to the MUG TokenSet. However, I’ve since become occupied with USDC yield projects, stablecoin projects, Uniswap sniping, and now, some Curve clone on BSC called EPS.

My life is being overrun with spreadsheets. And I’m getting a bit of choice paralysis as well, trying to figure out what to do, and what to focus on first. I don’t know if it’s my hangover, but my head is spinning with possibility. There’s so much I need to do, everything is moving so fast, and keeping myself centered is taking all of my energy. Trying to maintain a house and be a husband and father is almost enough as it is, but yet I have this, tearing my thoughts away. I feel slightly crazy.

  1. Retirement runway: I have just over half a year’s salary in USDC right now that is not deployed. I finished evaluating Curve pools yesterday and have figured out the safest option available, the 3pool. Getting the highest APYs will require staking an equivalent dollar amount of CRV tokens for up to four years. Earning Curve might have advantages, but autocompounding via the Yearn vault with the higher rate might might be a better allocation, even with the increased risk. Once I’ve deployed the first half of the low risk A tranche I can start looking for the other A candidate.
  2. IRA funds: I’ve got another spreadsheet to do on this one, and probably a separate Cointracking account to keep tabs on it. 40/40/20 BTC/ETH/DPI seems like a decent start, but I can’t get DPI on exchanges, so we’ll have to start with a 40/60 BTC/ETH as I start making purchases. I even considered 50/50 BTC/wBTC for staking opportunities on Ethereum, but those seems to be far and few between besides LP farming, which would put me at risk for IL. I’ll have to do some more consideration as to whether this is worth it or not. Since it’s going to take weeks and months to move funds out of my brokerage account, I’ll have to be careful with over trading this account and burning a lot of gas. And I may wind up allocating a portion of funds to other plays using a two percent risk allocation, but I have to look at the math on that.
  3. Uniswap sniping: I had mixed results from my initial snipes, losing almost an ETH on some counterfeit projects, but my later plays have actually put me in the black. I have a 4x with LABS and a couple 2xs with a couple others, and if my math is right I’m actually up half an Eth right now. I’m working on a Python program to alert me to new pools, I’m hoping this will give me a heads up on any IDOs or other launches that flew under my radar. Once I can ID the legit token contract address, I can either try to snipe the projects as soon as the liquidity is provided, or alternatively, wait for the initial froth to subside and pick them up later.

I’ve got another idea right now, leveraging the power of my friends in my Signal group. Some sort of crowdsourced project list, so we can do research together and try to find projects. Maybe we can even do some sort of pooled investment fund. TokenSets would be nice, but I think that may be overcomplicating things at the moment.

For now though, I’ve got to go outside and do yard work. Spring is here, and that means it’s time to cut the grass. And for me to sweat off this hangover.

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