Quick note

I think yesterday made two times this week that I’ve broken routine. At least I can say that I’ve been getting plenty of sleep. Who knew all it took me to go to bed on time was a strap on my wrist. I’ve been working out as well. Nothing as strong as my times when I had Daily Burn and would spend 45 minutes every day doing a weight lifting or yoga video. Now I barely find time to get twenty minutes in.

To be fair meditation is taking a good chunk of my morning, but I’m going to have to start getting up even earlier if I’m going to get things done before the girls wake up. That means going to bed even earlier, might even be before the girls do. Wouldn’t that be something.

I’ve done a couple Exercisms over the past couple days. Just a couple of easy Rust ones to get me going. I wish someone had designed a Solana course. Of course, that’s a brilliant idea.

I could write more but life calls.

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