Just got back from Missus’s niece’s 18th birthday dinner. It was in the city’s business district, a perpetual Mexican joint that has gone through several different iterations. I wound up spending over two hundred dollars. Dinner: three appetizers, two margaritas, two kids meals and two entrees. Most of my entree will be lunch tomorrow, the appetizers were shared with the whole table. So that came to one thirty-five, I added twenty-five as a tip although the young man wasn’t on top of his game. Throw in a twenty with the birthday card and another twenty-four dollars at 7-11, and we’re close to two hundred dollars for tonight.

I did go for a long run today, so maybe I was overcompensating.

The weather around here has been strange the last few days. It’s been unseasonably cool, very, very windy. Although the rain has died off lately, I saw a lot of high water everywhere I went today. I’m guessing it’s runoff and not just neap tide. Thankfully the weather is returning to normal over the next few days.

I’ve got a lot of travel planned the rest of the month. I’ve got a 4-bike trailer coming tomorrow, and we’ll be on our way this weekend to see my brother.

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