Fighting the Rona

I never finished the last post, about the trip out to see my brother. It had ended at dinner on Saturday night, but ended before the part where my dad and I stayed up almost till midnight waiting for the total lunar eclipse — which was actually the following night. Whoops. Still, it was good bonding time with my dad. Who knows how many more days like that I have, eh?

Since then, we found out that my mom’s husband, Papa (pronounced paw-paw) was at a superspreader event on Thursday and tested positive for the Rona Sunday. Monday, I went for a short run, and felt very sluggish. I didn’t get much work done. Tuesday I knew I was sick. Sore throat, muscle aches. So I called out for work and laid in bed, or the couch. Last night my temperature hit 102 degrees and I finally had to take ibuprofen after my lips started feeling numb. I slept well and woke up this morning feeling better, and confirmed my diagnosis with a home testing kit. I’ve been cloistered in the bedroom for two days now, quarantined in the bedroom while the girls are home. I’ve finally snuck out of the bedroom without a mask to sit in my writing spot.

Of course all this had to happen the week before we were supposed to be going to Hawaii. That’s all a mess now; I’m trying to give the girls the opportunity to go without me, offering to send my mother in law, Momo, the chance to go in my stead, but trying to make all these changes is a fight I don’t have in me at the moment.

I had to go pick Younger up from school on Monday. CDC guidelines say that families that don’t need to quarantine (i.e. vaccinated) should wear masks for ten days after “close contact”, but the school nurse didn’t know our vax status so I picked her up, then went and picked Elder up from Momo’s before she went to class so I wouldn’t have to go out and pick her up later. I sent a message to her teacher, and then got a call from the school nurse. After I explained the situation, she told me the correct school policy and even called over to Younger’s school to talk to the nurse there. By this time Missus was back, so she took them to work and I continued my miserable existence.

I am glad that Elder’s nurse cleared things up, because I was about to have to deal with the kids home for the whole week, and lord knows what kind of problems that would have caused. Missus has been picking up the slack really well, but I can only imagine that having the girls home during the day would have broken her. Either that or I would have had to watch them and probably gotten them sick. So far none of them are showing any symptoms, and just had negative results on their home tests.

When I went to pick Younger up, I told her teacher that if they were going to make her stay home five days, then the Hawaii trip would mean she’d be gone for two weeks. I asked if there was anything we needed to do to help her keep up with the class — I’d already warned her about the trip — and she said no, Younger was well ahead of the rest of the class.

That’s my girl.

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