So it seems that the pox on our house might be lifting. Younger is still sick, and is passed out in my bed. Her fever continues, although not as badly as earlier in the week. I managed to get her out of the house for a bit today for a bike ride. She wanted a paddleboat ride, but that was a bit hairy. Apparently if you put all the weight on one side of a paddleboat they will only go in circles. I found this out in the middle of the lake, and had to jump from side to side of the boat to try to move in a straight line, before finally trying to straddle the middle of the boat, one leg on the right set of pedals, my left on the other.

Elder needed some attention from me as well since I’ve been pretty well out of sorts for the last week as well. I have no idea how she’s avoided catching either COVID or the flu, but yesterday she started complaining of stomach pains, and it got so bad the Missus had to go to the infirmary to determine that it was some sort of stomach infection. She went to bed early and was off to church this morning, dressed up like a cowgirl for some event they were doing. She won a prize, a huge bag of bubble gum, and then spent the rest of the afternoon swimming at the neighbors. I took her out for a bike ride late this afternoon, we wound up mostly hiking, as the place we went to was a bit too advanced for her. She was a trooper though.

I’ve spent most of the last couple days reading sci-fi novels and doing Melodics lessons on the pads and keys. I’d been too out of sorts to even play Tarkov until yesterday and quickly wiped out my stash getting murdered.

I’ve been sober almost a week. I can’t remember the last time I’ve done that. No alcohol or cannabis since Memorial Day. I’m pretty sure it caused me to have a real foul attitude earlier this week, but it could be the sickness. I’ve been getting a lot of sleep, but it hasn’t been doing me very good. My Whoop has been reading 50-70% recovery the last couple days. I’ve misplaced the battery, so I’ll be without it for a couple nights. Missus thinks she’s seen it, but I’ll probably order a new one anyways.

Crypto markets are complete trash. Sentiment is very low, which is great as I just keep dollar cost averaging .

Missus has booked our Disneyland tickets for later this month. God help us if anyone else gets sick and forces us to cancel now. I don’t know what I’ll do. I’ve finally beat back the dark cloud that was bothering me since we missed our Hawaii trip. I am ready to get back to work Monday and get some stuff done. I’ve been a complete waste lately and it’s really messed with my mojo. I need to get pumped up, which is one reason why I got the girls out of the house today. I’m not 100%, but I needed to get them out moving because we’ve just been sitting around the house watching TV for so long that I feel like a useless human being.

There’s always tomorrow.

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