I’m getting back into a healthy rhythm following the debauchery of the magic kingdom. Last night’s sleep aside, yesterday was very productive. The heat is on at work, and I even went to the rock gym with my new carpool buddy yesterday evening — it was a good session, I did some top rope and nailed a 5.9.

Having the kids gone in the afternoon when Missus gets home has been very relaxing. Having dinner just the two of us is more romantic than anything we did at Disney. Even now, trying to write with them bustling about the house, music playing, is very distracting. It’s like COVID lockdown all over again. Yesterday, as I was involved a rather contentious discussion at work, the kids kept popping into the room to ask me whether they could do this or that.

It’s all my fault for not scheduling summer care earlier in the year. I will not be making that mistake in the future.

Missus is working from home now, waiting on her ruling for a permanent telework dispensation. She might reconsider that, given that I just had to yell at Elder for talking back to me when I asked her to run the dishwasher. She told me that it wasn’t on her list of chores, which I had written as ‘straighten kitchen’.

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