Daily notes

It’s the second day that the girls have been at camp. Elder is doing overnight camp and I’ve been driving Younger to day camp. The location is about 40 minutes away, so I’ve been spending a lot of time driving. I had originally planned on getting a spot at a co-working space near the camp, but traffic was good Monday morning and so I decided to go home. It was $25 a day to get the spot, and I wasn’t looking forward to sitting at some strange office for eight hours all week and dealing with all that, so I just drove home. It’ll cost me an extra $50 or so in gas, and as long as traffic isn’t bad I don’t mind driving. I’m catching up on my podcast feeds anyways.

We’ve got just over 48 hours until the big launch event at work, and everything is coming together. I’ve almost wrapped up my KB articles, and besides a few minor changes to the presentation, I’m almost wrapped up. The web and blockchain teams are just chugging along, and looks like we’re going to have everything that we need ready for the launch. We’re pushing a couple things out a week that aren’t needed for Thursday, but overall things are pretty chill. Everyone’s busy, of course, but there’s no panic or anything around potential failures or anything like that. Everything is going well.

Missus is at the office today. She’s got two more weeks till she’s done with her work as a social worker and will be full-time union August 1st. We’re both really looking forward to it.

My friend T stopped by yesterday, we had dinner and messed around with Melodics. I wound up giving him my M-Audio keyboard. The kids haven’t been using it, and I’ve got my Mac working with the piano now. I’ve been thinking about getting a year subscription to Playground Sessions. Melodics is good, but it doesn’t teach sight reading, at least traditional notation. I’m not sure what you call the player piano type slot notation, but I want to train that brain muscle better.

I’m hoping to get to the rock gym today. I went Sunday with Younger and they had most of the bouldering area setup with new routes, and I want to work on them some more. I did a V4 or two, which I think is the best I’ve done, but there are still V1s and 2s that I haven’t been able to do. Need to work on my upper body strength. Been getting better at pullups and hanging at the playground, but I’m not where I want to be.

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