I seem to have found some contentment as Missus has been gone. Not that it’s an ideal routine, mind you, but the last few days have been somewhat peaceful. I’ve been getting to bed on time and have been following a similar routine each day: wake with Younger in my bed, get her off to school, come back and meditate, take Elder in, come back, write, then spend the day working, either in meetings or in 25 minute pomodoros until 4:30, then pick the girls up; give them 25 minutes of free time, then we start dinner or do homework, eat, clean the kitchen, do more homework, watch a show, get ready for bed; I read to Younger until 8:30, then read Drizzt to Elder till 9:00. Then I get to play BGIII or whatever, watch a show, read a book, then lights out. It’s been working well so far, with a few wrinkles.

But that’s all there is to say, I’m ready to get to work and tackle some problems.

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