Idea man

I’m getting the day off on the right start. I woke at five when Younger finally kicked Missus out of the bed. I laid awake for the next hour, dreaming of things to build with GPT.

Someone mentioned on Twitter that AGI is bring about the renaissance of the idea man. That’s me.

Yesterday was a bit rough as chatGPT was overloaded yesterday. I was trying to do some SQL work and every time I threw my queries into the prompt box I kept getting errors. Then later, after I put the kids to bed, it was fast and snappy. I guess a lot of people are relying on it for work. Even this morning it’s still throwing errors and long delays. I can only see how dependent people are going to become on AGI. It will be come an integral part of people’s toolkit, and not having it will be like losing your phone or internet.

I talked to my cousin J yesterday. I haven’t talked to anyone back home in quite a while, maybe a year, but my brother reminded me that it was her birthday. So I called and caught up and chatted with her for about 45 minutes. Everything is everything; the main concern was about our 87-year old grandmother. She’s not as mobile as she used to be and repeats herself all the time. Her two older sisters have dementia, and that’s a big concern. J said grandma is in ‘pain all the time’ and I responded that I’m only 43 and I’m in pain all the time. Not much, but it’s always something. I can only imagine how it gets when I’m twice that age.

If meditation has taught me anything it’s that pain is always with us. Whether it’s bodily pain, emotional discomfort or whatever, the mind is like a spotlight that can focus in on these discomforts as needed. Even sitting, in itself, causes discomfort, and part of the practice of meditation is to focus on that pain, make it an object of attention while keeping the body still. We’re already dealing with the pain, it’s the fear of the pain in the future that makes us fidget and fuss.

I’ve got work to do this morning. I’m not sure how much crazy stuff I’ll get done to day if GPT is offline. I got some tasks to wrap up from yesterday and plenty of work to prepare for the rest of the day. Hopefully I can get that knocked out and spend the day working on the bot. I’d like to get it working with Stable Diffusion, so that it can generate images when mentioned. I think I might be able to pull that off this week if I have time, then set up some sort of context overlay so that people can chat with it.

I’ve got ideas.

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