Morning update

I’m behind this morning because I was cleaning the kitchen. I went to the climbing gym last night with someone I met there who lives nearby. He almost got in a wreck on the way home, merging onto the freeway, but never mind that. I got home at 9:30 and stayed up too late. Anyways. Shoulder’s felt great this morning after I stretched the sleep out of them. Ready to rock.

Something popped up for the DAO last night, so I need to provide some updata — that’s updated data — hehe. I’m being silly today because I got into an argument with Missus as soon as I woke up this morning. Gas gauge was on the car and it’s my fault. Anyways.

I’ve got so many ideas of things to do with GPT.

The Discord bot is coming along, but the prompt engineering and training is going a little slower than I wanted. I had an idea this morning, that I should just go ahead and build a demo of this right now.

… ok, back, I literally got sucked into a rabbit hole about text embeddings for semantic search. Stuff is mindblowing.

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