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As much as I love the Flaming Lips, I find it hard to believe that Coyne could have been so stupid. Now the TSA on the other hand…

Police Confirm Wayne Coyne Shut Down OKC Airport With Grenade – Music News – Fuse.

Yea, I think I’ll skip this one.

[T]o release a movie today that celebrates the moral right — nay, responsibility — of well-scrubbed American children to kill invaders is like giving a giant middle finger to the people around the world who see us as the invading army, and whose children have died by the thousands already. “Red Dawn” is a ghoulish parody of reality, served up earnestly and obliviously, to an audience whose enjoyment will, perforce, be directly proportional to its ignorance.

via “Red Dawn”: Dumbest ’80s remake ever? –