Almost over my cold

Today has seemed a bit more sane than the rest of this last week has been. It seems like the household is almost over our colds, and will hopefully be back in shape over the weekend. The state has shut down schools for the next two weeks, which was faster than what I was expecting, so we’re still trying to figure out what the next week is going to be like. For the next two days, though, we will be keeping to ourselves and staying put at the house.

My wife mentioned that this whole situation was surreal, and I’m just relieved that we are in a good position to maintain for the next couple weeks. Again, we are in a really good position compared to some. I imagine we’ll be mighty productive. My wife, feeling better today, decided to take a crack at some of the clutter that’s been building up around the house, and I suppose I’ll be taking care of a lot of projects that have been neglected around here lately. I’m looking forward to breaking out the board game collection.

I’m not trying to be glib, of course, there are some hard economic decisions coming, and it’s likely we’ll be seeing the ramifications of it for many months. There was a bit of market recovery today, stocks were up a bit and BTC bounced some thirty percent off of it’s crash last night.

Regarding BTC, the explanations that I’ve read is that institutional investors were forced to liquidate to cover margin calls in the equities markets, which caused a cascade. I managed to hodl, and let my automated market order run today as planned.

There is a lot to do, and it’s going to require a lot of focus. I may have to trim some business expenses like BaseCamp or my Adobe sub unless I can drum up some extra cash. Of course, taxes are due in a month, so I should probably get cracking on that. It’s likely that we’ll wind up owing some due to increases in income, (no capital gains).

Other than that, I spent the day working on doing some Windows 7 upgrades using the Windows Deployment Toolkit. It’s one of the last projects I have planned at my job before I feel like I’m ready to turn the page. With classes delayed by a week, I’ve got a bit more time to work on my class projects, so I’ve been studying linear algebra and working on my matrix classes. Things are coming along well.

I’m also happy that I’ve managed to put hands together for the last of the four pieces from Bach’s Anna Magdalena notebook. This last one has been very difficult for me, but after several weeks of practicing the hands separately, I’ve managed to put them together and am working on getting up to speed and eliminating mistakes. My plan, once I iron it out, is to put up videos for all four pieces before I figure out my next piece.

I am hoping that tomorrow I will be able to get up on time, early enough that I can get my meditation and blogging in before the kids wake up. I’ve been missing my early morning routine and hope I’m able to churn out some more focused posts after I’m one hundred percent.

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