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We are up on time this morning, but as I type these words down I hear movement upstairs, so apparently I’m not up early enough to finish my morning pages. Anyways, I spent last night working on the Python code for my value averaging package, but became frustrated trying to write my tests. I’ve got one convoluted function that I’m trying to get covered before I start trying to refactor it, and it depends on an API call that I want to mock. I monkeypatched two parts of it and ran into additional issues, something to do with hashable dicts, so I figured I’d take a break and take a look at Fluent Python. I read a couple chapters of it and watched an episode of the Mandalorian before bed.

What is most frustrating is that I haven’t come across many resources that go in depth about mocking and patching. Maybe I’m having problems because my code is crap. Maybe this is an opportunity for me to fill the gap, and write some some in-depth mocking examples. Perhaps I just haven’t dug deep enough yet.

I’m going to add my school group project to the CV site, since I need to start building a portfolio. And then, this afternoon, I’m going to apply for a new job. First thing I need to do is find a position that is going to pay six figures. If I can’t do that, then I’ll just pick the highest under that that I realistically think I’m qualified for. I’m not sure if a LinkedIn premium account will help, but there’s several other job sites that I can use if I need to. Maybe I’ll do some API hacking to see if I can automate it.

I set most of my priorities for the day yesterday, so I know what I need to do. I’ve already had to stop and start this entry about five times because of interrputions, so I don’t think I’ve got much to say today. If getting interrupted at work sets you back twenty five minutes to refocus and get back into the zone, then working from home is zone-free. I got the girls to do their rooms and the kitchen by offering double DadPoints. They’re about a week away from hitting their goal, for which I have promised them a cat. After talking it over with Missus last night, I think we’re going to do a foster program. It’ll probably backfire and we’ll wind up adopting, anyways, but this gives us a lower committment. We watch the cat until it’s adopted and the shelter pays for the food. I’m sure the kids (and my wife) are going to become instantly attached and not want to let it go, but this gives us an out if the kids don’t hold up their end of the bargain, or if we ever want to go out of town on an extended trip. I wish!

I love these kids, but god do

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