Lazy Sunday

Today has been a lazy sunday. I made the foolish mistake of purchasing a nine percent IPA, and wound up staying up late playing video games. I snagged The Outer Worlds on Epic Games for only thirty bucks, which seemed like a good deal. I read that the campaign is only about twenty hours, which seems reasonable, so I went ahead and indulged myself.

I still managed to get up at seven this morning, with more than a bit of a headache, and wound up cooking a large breakfast for my dad and the family. I finished mopping up the rest of the water in our fully-drained hot tub, and have been knocking some items from my personal kanban board while the girls watch Ballet Shoes on the TV, which has reluctatly been returned to its place on the entertainment center.

The rest of the afternoon is still up in the air, but I seriously want to attack the overgrown juniper bushes, which have grown over our back deck and high in front of our porch. I might put the water slide out for the kids as well. Other than that, the only thing I plan on doing is ordering groceries and reading a couple books. I’m still working my way through Hamilton, but I’m still working my way through several other books as well. Continuous Delivery, Digital Minimalism, Designing Your Life have been my go tos before bed, and I’ve recently grabbed a number of other books off Pirate Bay recently, including Niall Ferguson’s The Ascent of Money and William Irvine’s A Guide to the Good Life: The Ancient Art of Stoic Joy. I also need to add Continuous Integration to my Kindle as well, to go with its cousin. I also have a large stack of The Nation magazines, along with issues of Wired, Dissent, and Jacobin that have been sitting on the shelf for some time.

Earlier this morning I noticed that Bitcoin retested ten thousand overnight, peaking at $10,150 before retracing to $9980-9960, where it’s sitting now. If it holds I’ll have a nice jump in my GBTC holdings tomorrow morning. Of course I hope it continues. The TradingView trollbox has people eyeing $11.1K before the day is out, which would be remarkable. I’m of the mind that a close over ten K would be very bullish and confirm an ongoing trend. Especially if we can close out July above it.

This upcoming Friday marks Missus and my eleventh anniversary. We’ll be driving back up to her father’s house in the mountain again, to do another canoe trip, and hopefully do a short hiking trip with the girls as well. I can’t wait.

For now, I’ve got about an hour before 3PM, and I’ve promised the girls I’ll set up the waterslide while I trim the bushes. So it’s time for me to grab a magazine off the shelf and relax.

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