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It feels like a lot happened today, but not a lot of what I wanted to. I stayed up too late last night and got a late start today, and had quite a bit of work to do for Zombie, LLC. NIST-related stuff. Not fun. Will mean a lot of work for me in the future, and not the kind that I’m going to enjoy doing.

Markets were a bit crazy today, BTC was down quite a bit for most of the day but turned around before the end of the day with news that Mass Mutual Insurance Company had bought $200 million in BTC for their general ledger balance sheet. Nuts. Things are happening.

I decided to sell some Stellar that I’ve been holding onto for several years. It was a giveaway from 2017, I think I got it listening to a podcast. I sold it into my margin account for about $75. I’ll probably put it toward BTC, or maybe as a long-term play in YFI. I’m feeling very bullish on it after reading what Messari has been publishing.

I took a look at my IDEX holdings today. I hadn’t seen a payout since September, so I figured that my node had stopped. It hadn’t. The rewards have just been so lousy, even with the supposed fee doubling. I’ve seen maybe a 5x upside in price over the past year, but I’ve actually been losing in with the AWS charges for the node. It stinks. I was actually going to sell, but they have some other staking rewards going on in anticipation of their forks for Polkadot and Binance chain. It might be worth holding on for a few more months. We’ll see. IDEX has actually been on of the worst performing tokens since the DeFi “winter” these past few months. Out of two dozent tokens, IDEX is one of three or four with a negative return, around twenty percent.

I get better returns mining ETH on my rig at home.

I have the sense that my attention is getting split in too many directions right now. I haven’t gotten anything substantial done in the past week or so, and I feel like I’m slacking. I guess I shouldn’t be so hard on myself, I am watching two kids all day long, cooking and cleaning up after them, helping them with school. How much should I be getting. I might need to sit down and recalibrate my expectations. Just getting through the day should feel like an accomplishment. So what if my output isn’t what it should be? Just who am I measuring up to? My bills are paid, my kids are clothed and fed. Who cares?

I do. I want to be done with this day job crap, having to take care of stuff I don’t care about that clients I don’t care about either. Family comes first from now on. Spending time with my kids is the most important thing. That and capitalizing on the financial edge I have. Ten years from now my kids will be teenagers, and as long as I don’t do anything stupid I’ll probably be one of the one million richest bitcoiners on earth. It’s practically guaranteed at this point.

I still want more though, while it’s still cheap during this cycle. Indications are that we’ll have a slight correction over the next few months, maybe a dip down to 15k between now an May. I don’t know how likely that is, but I need to start planning to convert some of my USD funds into crypto.

It’s time to convert some positions and buy the dip. This will likely be the last one below $20K.

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