Winter solstice

So today is the winter solstice, the day of the Mars-Jupiter conjunction, which won’t happen again for another couple of centuries, and we can’t see the sky. It’s been cloudy all day. Alas.

At one point today, Missus came down into my office. I told her I was up over five figures again today. She was mildly surprised. The bitcoin I helped her buy three years ago is up 5x but she’s still on the fence about buying more. She thinks that I’ve got enough for both of her, and she’d rather keep her stuff in index funds for now. Alas.

Bitcoin took a bit of a dip this morning. I bought some more and put up a few layered bids all the way down in case there are any more wicks over the next couple days. BTC futures expire on Christmas day, so who knows what will happen.

BTC recovered from the dip, and ETH was fairly stable, but ETHE still climbed up almost eight percent. This market is ridiculous, and I still don’t think we’ve even started.

Spent some time going through my CoinTracking account and making sure my info is up to date. I have some old bags I’m about ready to dump. district0x ($DNT) is doing nothing, and I want to dump it to pick up some more DOT or ATOM. Avalanche is looking like a good play. They’re planning on importing the ETH EVM state into their blockchain, what they call a friendly fork, and are giving everyone equivalent ETH on their chain. Will be really interesting. Might have to move my ETH off of BlockFi before the snapshot.

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