Feast of Fools, Day 1

I don’t have a better name for the period between Christmas and New Years, so Feast of Fools will have to do. I took the week off, and will probably make it an annual thing if I can. Hopefully this will be the last year I actually have a “job”, so I’m not setting the bar high here.

To be honest, there wasn’t that much missing from my day. I did most of my morning routine the same as ever, puttering about on Twitter and gleefully rubbing my hands together watching the markets. Today started up very strong before dropping back to between four and six month’s salary. I was tempted to send out a screenshot of my IRA balance along with a message to be thankful it wasn’t an income bearing account. I’m not FIRE yet.

I tried to spend some time with the girls, but they were more interested in ignoring my directions than doing what I asked for most of the morning, so they did their best to get on my nerves until after I went and picked up groceries for lunch. Then it was over to their grandmother’s for the afternoon. Missus did take an early break from work and we watched have of Tenant, which was more coherent than I expected it to be, considering all the the confusion on Twitter. I couldn’t hear half the dialog, but I assume it didn’t really matter, considering the point of the movie is these crazy set pieces like a 747 being driven into a building.

I’ve been binging The Expanse novels, I finished one a couple night ago and have been working through the penultimate one, also while watching the series on Amazon with Missus. I’m really hooked on them. It’s sci-fi melodrama, but the sci-fi stuff and plotting is really good, and it makes for a quick read. Each chapter is about ten minutes, so I can tear it up in short or longer chunks, depending on the time of day and what else is going on.

A Twitter follower sent this over regarding $ETHE, apparently the lockup is falling and a lot of new shares are going to get dropped on the market on Jan 4. It’s probably trouble.

There are a lot of factors to consider here. Since the 22nd, the premium has dropped from 239% to 146%, even while Ethereum has been on a bit of a rise. So has the price of ETHE. The question is how bad could things dump? If ETH continues it’s climb, it might not matter, and I doubt that all of the investors that were locked in are going to want to dump if we’re in the midst of a bull run. Still, I don’t want to risk the massive gains that I’ve had on it this last few months, so I sold of a bit of my position earlier today. I may continue to do so this week and re-asses. It’s too bad that I can’t set a trailing stop on this, so I may have to settle for a limit order for now. We’ll have to see how things play out, but right now, taking some of those 800% gains off the table is in order.

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