Forty thousand

Joining the two comma club

Today marked a milestone for Missus and I, as today’s rally put our net worth over one million dollars. On paper, anyways. Most of our assets are in our retirement funds, and the house, but even counting our mortgage debt and my student loans we’re over the line. It’s nice to be able to realize this goal, even though it seems a bit late considering my younger ambitions. Still, it’s a good milestone, and we’ve got a ways to go. I won’t be quitting my job yet, of course, but I can already see the end of the tunnel.

Market wise, BTC pierced forty by a couple hundred dollars and dumped down to the low thirty sixes in a matter of minutes. I managed to buy the dip on Voyager, while Coinbase, Kraken and others were down, apparently.

Binance finally did a “sweep” and nabbed my American IP, so now I have to get funds off of it. That’s what I get for not using an VPN. Got most of my funds off there but need to setup some wallets for a couple of them that I can’t trade. That’s life.

Of course everyone was up in arms about the insurrection yesterday. The house down the street, the one with the TRUMP 2020 sign in front of it for like three years now, had it’s flag at half-mast. And then once Trump was let out of Twitter jail an hour ago, he put up a concession speech. I guess someone threatened him with the 25th Amendment, or jail. He’s still got two weeks, I wonder if there’s time for him to be the only president impeached twice. Here’s hoping. Hopefully this will be the last time I ever need to give a shit what he says. Done, next.

Lastly, I just want to leave this Stone Ridge 2020 Shareholders’ Letter. I’m forwarding it to some people cause I think it does a great job explaining bitcoin and our current macroeconomic situation. The last third is about Stone Ridge, but everything else is pure gold.

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