Forty-one thousand

Well the big news yesterday was that Trump got deplatformed, and was suspended or banned from several Twitter accounts, Facebook, TikTok, and about everything else including Pinterest. People went nuts. There were the usual concerns about the First Amendment — Twitter is a corporation, dimwits — but my main concern is that the historical record of Trump’s tweets have been erased. It’s similar to the concerns some have about most digital media, like the loss of most early internet media. The death of Flash, for example, has erased a huge swath of media from the late ’90s and on.

I’ve been staring at charts, but haven’t really been doing anything other than buying some BTC and ETH while I try to fix some problems with my bank and exchanges. Binance flagged my account as US based, so I had to move everything off of there. Two more wallets on my phone now, one for ROSE and RUNE each. Then two more for DOT and ATOM. I’m spreading myself thin here. I’ve got too many bags to manage. Altseason seems to be running through the 2017 bags that I dumped. DNT pumped 2x after I sold them late last month, today ZRX is pumping. PRIA is back up at $40, even though it’s flat on the ETH chart. It’s currently my number three holding, with UNI and IDEX behind it. Not sure what to do about that one, to be honest.

I’ve been buying up every DeFi blue chip I can get my hands on, YFI is my favorite, but I’ve got, SNX, AAVE, BAL and MKR scattered around three different exchanges. I’ve got some DeFi Pulse Index (DPI) as well. It’s a bit of a mess. My Ethereum wallet is even worse, scattered with a dozen or two different projects, half of which aren’t even listed on Zapper. I’ve definitely gone a bit mad.

I’ve gotten fed up with my bank. They don’t integrate with Plaid for some stupid reason and so I’ve been searching for a new, primarily-online bank that I can do business with. I decided to open a new SoFi account after reading that they’re going public through a SPAC. Not sure if I’ll invest quite yet, but it seems like they have their stuff together. I opened an account in a few minutes, and they’ve got crypto trading available right there as well. We’ll see how that works after I get my direct deposit transferred over and close out my other account. I’m also taking a look at refinancing the house. It really depends on closing costs. I don’t want to wait seven years to ROI on a twenty year mortgage if we are going to sell in one or two. We’ll see.

I’ve got enough bitcoin at this point that I should be able to pay our mortgage principal and interest using a lending platform. The problem is I just don’t trust any of them enough to deposit my entire stack with them. BlockFi could go kaput, and then what? I’ve got to explore alternatives. I feel like I’m missing out with it just sitting in my hardwallet, and I’m getting nervous about the whole self-custody aspect of it.

I think what I’m going to do is pull the BTC I have off of the exchanges and wrap it on Ethereum, then ape it into BadgerDAO. I want to wait till later tonight when gas fees should be lower, then make a couple moves. This is going to be very aggressive.

Famous last words.

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