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Today was a bit of a mess. I tied one on last night and was useless for most of the day. I got to stop killing myself like this.

Yesterday I figured out that divergence loss on my Badger LP has been absolutely killing my returns. I’m up 5x right now overall, so I shouldn’t be complaining, but it looks like it should have been more like an 8x. It’s really hard to calculate everything with all the farming rewards that I’m getting; I’ll have to do a spreadsheet to figure it out. Earlier today I posted on the BadgerDAO forums to see if anyone has advice, but no one’s responded yet. I about got laughed out of the Discord by a few people when I was on there yesterday. It’s not a good feeling.

I’m also kind of pissed that I missed a huge 100% ZRX pump today. I had posted about it two days ago and was going to buy back the 2017 bags I sold last month, but I never got around to it because of gas fees. And so it goes. Again, it’s hard to be pissed at myself when almost everything I have is up. BTC is back at $39k as I write this, ETH is over $1700. I’m up more than a year’s salary in less than a month on Badger alone, and things are just getting started.

I spoke to a lawyer today, and former client that’s moved to a new firm. I rambled on about what’s been going on to him for twenty minutes earlier today, and probably sounded completely insane. I’m hiring him to do my new work contractor arrangement, and to help me reduce my tax liability going into next year. I’m also going to need someone on my side as I launch Homebrew.Finance. I have another meeting with him and his partner Monday to discuss things in depth.

I’ve been slowly working on the Homebrew docs and am on the final third of a litepaper. I still haven’t found a bank for the LLC, my Novo application got rejected cause they don’t service my type, so that’s probably the top of my priority list short term. Tomorrow I’m taking the girls to visit a friend on a farm and let them play with the animals. Should be fun. I’ve also got a lot of stuff to do on my honey-do list. The house is falling apart, literally, and I’ve got monthly finances to do.

But tonight, sleep.

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