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Things have been so interesting lately, and the days are starting to fly by. I hate opening a post with a confession that I haven’t been writing every day, but here we are.

Obviously the big news today is the massive BTC dump from $58k to the mid-forties. It’s the biggest down day that I’ve ever had, probably well over six figures. It’s amazing how calm I’ve been. Maybe it’s denial, but I’d be very surprised, based on what I know, to think that this was the top, instead of the first of several 20-40% corrections that we’re going to see on our way to $100k and beyond.

Sunday we had friends over, a small party with five adults and seven kids. We ate pork shoulder, drank scotch and played Exploding Kittens while the kids ate pizza and played outside. Apparently I tied one on as I wrote this long Tweetstorm at 1:30AM. Yesterday was hangover city.

I make Elder take her classes in the dining room adjacent my office. So I hear everything going on in her class. I’m really not OK with it. Her teacher is OK, I guess, but she rubs me the wrong way, and I’m not happy with the situation. We put all this effort into picking a good school zone when we bought our house, only to wind up putting her in “fundemental” or “gifted” schools further out. And the it all gets blown out by COVID.

So when I saw this Once Bitten pod about GalileoXP, an online self-directed school, I was immediately fascinated, and since doing more research I’ve become immensely interested in getting Elder enrolled in it. I don’t want to pull her out in the middle of the school year, but it’s really hard to listen to the teacher castigate her for reading a book, or crafting because she’s not paying attention to whatever state-mandated lesson is on the docket for the day. Maybe bitcoin is warping my brain.

As far as my retirement plans go, days like today definitely put a damper on them. I’ve been moving forward with the SDIRA — slowly — but have yet to purchase any crypto yet. I thought I was going to be able to gangload an ACH transfer on FTX.us, but it seems to have been cancelled. At least my brokerage account finally wired my first couple thousand through today, finally, after another hour on the phone with them yesterday. Slow but steady.

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