Farming day

So, I had a lot of activity yesterday and today.

I spent an hour managing my BSC farms yesterday. I had to migrate several farms due to the PancakeSwap migration, and that took a bit of work to do. I decided that because I don’t have a ton invested on there that I should liquidate some of my positions, so I pulled out of a Beefy.Finance pool 1 that was down. Ellipsis is doing pretty well, so I’m happy with that one and thinking about increasing my stake. Comos isn’t doing too good, but I’m not sure what to do with it, and I’ve got positions in Nerve, Blizzard, Wault. I think that’s it.

Also, I found one of my Metamask wallets had about $400 in $ICE tokens that were airdropped. Nice. Sold half to stake LP in pool 2.

I finally got the latest tranche of IRA funds onto an exchange, so I’ve been scooping up ETH and wBTC. The wBTC is going in the new Badger vault. I put some funds in ALCX and paid off my loan since there’s really no point to that for me. I decided to stake in the pool 2, cause I am super bullish on this project after listening to one of the founders on Bankless’s podcast.

My boy Tres was shilling some token called $TRU, so I went and aped into that after reading that the LP was paying off real well. It is. $272 in the couple hours since I aped in. Not bad.

I’m not quite sure how I found out about Method Finance, but I decided to go in on this. It’s like Visior, in that it’s an NFT with LP tokens staked to it. I minted a vault then added some tokens to the LP, but then ran into a problem. Metamask doesn’t support EIP-712 signing with hardware wallets. So rather than import my hardware keys into MM, I moved the NFTs, the LP tokens, and some ETH over to an unused MM wallet to perform the mint. (That’s how I discovered the ICE airdrops.) I’m not happy about leaving it there, but it’s too much gas to move back and forth, so there it will stay for now.

I found out about Impermax via BadgerDao’s airdrop channel. I had some tokens so I minted LP and staked there. It allows you to use your LP as collateral for a leveraged position, but I’m not quite sure how it works. I’m also not sure if I want to risk my Uniswap LP over there. It is audited, and the APY is really high, so I’ve got some risk analysis to do. Also looks like I messed up, I thought that I could just deposit my LP and earn, but that’s not how the lending works. It has to be single assets. I’ve got some digging to do, but 1000%+ APY on 5x leverage seems like it might be… fun.

I also pulled my MATIC tokens out of Aave and put them in a QUICK-MATIC LP and am farming them on Quickswap. EZPZ.

I also started buying more SOL, and swapped a bunch for RAY and staked it on Radium. Will be going hard on this.

Other than that, the only thing I didn’t get to today was getting some more RUNE. I want to figure out how to put some to use, either with some of the BTC I have, or on the ETH side.

And now that the week 1 Star Atlas posters are down, I might actually be able to start flipping some of these posters. We’ll see how things go.

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