What else?

What a day. My father had open heart surgery yesterday, and I was his primary contact so I’ve been keeping the rest of the family appraised with updates. I went to see him this morning. He looked like he had been hit by a truck of course. It’s a bit surreal, actually. His sister passed away unexpectedly after New Years, so my grandmother and surviving aunt have been worried about him. They live eight hundred miles away, my brother is across the Atlantic, and his wife doesn’t drive, so I’m the responsible one. It’s nuts.

Also today was my wife’s birthday. I took the kids out shopping for decorations Sunday to buy a bunch of decorations, and I picked up a cake with the groceries today. Ordered her favorite pizza joint, and basically binged-watched all of WandaVision this afternoon. I also got her a Kindle Paperwhite and loaded it up with a couple hundred books from my pirate collection. That’ll keep her busy!

Work? What’s that?

I did have one phone call for a support ticket that I’d been putting off for a few days, called the vendor and had it resolved in an hour. More like ten minutes after I got through the call queue, but that’s billable time these days.

SAIA Dao is open to $1000 contributions now, and we had maybe five proposals including my own today. I’m also have been making a nice little profit flipping posters on OpenSea. Only four so far, but I’m still doubling my money, even considering gas fees.

I had another bout of insomnia last night, and decided to open another leveraged position on Impermax. The internet died right after I placed the order, so I had a little bit of anxiety trying to go back to sleep. I woke up and found that my liquidation prices were not anywhere near where I thought they should have been, so I had to scale the leverage back. I found out later there was a “graph error” that was causing problems, but I seem to be holding steady right now. I still haven’t committed any further funds other than a few DPI, but that’s mainly because gas costs were high earlier and lending rates came down a bit.

Usually when I get overwhelmed and can’t decide what to do, the best option is to do nothing. I’ve got a ton of LINK from the ICO that I don’t know what to do with… Bancor or Integral or a CEX, I’m not sure. Maybe at some point I’ll figure out how to stake it. But I’ve got wBTC and stables that I want to farm on Impermax, but not sure I trust it yet. I’ve got no idea what my BTC is doing in the new Badger Yearn vault cause the APY isn’t being displayed. I’ve got native BTC that I want to put to use on the RUNE DEX, but don’t have enough RUNE to do that. I just finished buying the last off my SOL allocation and put half of it to use in the Raydium RAY/SOL farm. What else?

God, what else? I’ll probably have a lot more to say in the morning.

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