Tomorrow is another day

I’m starting to feel a bit of ennui lately. It’s starting with a hesitancy to sit down and write these posts in the morning. I feel like I’m running out of things to say and am just repeating myself day after day. So I’m waiting until later in the day to figure out what to write about. That’s causing me a bit of anxiety as the unfinished post is hanging over my head.

I think part of the problem is I made a commitment to the founder of a protocol to work on some docs for them, and I procrastinated on it and seemed to have burned that relationship. I haven’t followed up, or followed through, so it’s just taking up mental space in my head and likely will until it’s resolved. I suppose the proper thing to do is just do the work and try to salvage the relationship. I don’t want to be someone with a reputation for not following through. It also means that I’ve got to really focus on where I divert my attention.

I have this vision of my head of life after I quit my day job, that I’m going to be able to hunker down for two or three hours at a stretch and really dig into some project work. I think the reality in the near term is mostly going to be the same as it is now, househusband. Having Zombie, LLC is mostly a distraction right now, and having that off my plate is going to cut down on the interruptions, but as long as the kids are around, I’m subject to constant interruptions. Hashtag dad life. The only time I can get work done is if they’re out of the house or watching TV. The rest of the time it seems like they’re either making a mess, fighting, or trying to sneak into the pantry to sneak some snacks or treats. It’s like I’m on high alert all the damn time.

It’s actually pretty easy for me to knock out two hundred words on this blogmost days, it’s just sitting down that’s the hardest part. Most days I can easily knock out eight-hundred to a thousand words, no problem, so I have a issue just leaving after a couple hundred. I can usually find something to talk about. It’s just the fact that if I don’t wake up at six AM and knock out this page before anyone else wakes up, I will be interrupted two dozen times before I can finish the page.

And now it’s ten till nine, which means I have to stop and call in to check-in with Zombie…. brb.

SAIA Dao just started week three. I added up all of the dao funds, and along with the Gnosis vault and Solana wallet, we just passed twenty thousand dollars in funding! Today we start accepting $10,000 and under tributes. We’ve got enough funds to make it to tier three, but we’ll need another $110k from here in the next four weeks if we’re going to make it to T4. It’s going to be interesting. I’m spending a lot of time managing the proposals and doing technical support for people with their wallets. Now, we’re mostly going into a marketing and promotion phase; I’ve got a podcast that I’ve been promising to do.

I’ve been making good progress with Rust, moving through a section or two a day. I’m not sure if I’ll be ready for the hackathon or not at this pace, since I’m time-limited, but I’m trying to get people thinking of ideas for the Star Atlas Arcade. Converting MolochDAO would be my fallback position. I’ve got a whole bunch of random stuff that I want to figure out as soon as I can start diving into the Solana: yield harvesting/restaking my farm positions; multi-sig wallets, token holder analytics (for SA posters, of course), and maybe a couple other things.

And I’ve been a bit of a mess because of my dad’s surgery. He’s supposed to be dismissed from the hospital some time today or tomorrow and we don’t know what to do with him. He can’t go home by himself, and we’re just not prepared for him hear. I’m bringing him to a nursing home for a few days, but it’s just too damn expensive for him to stay there very long. And the kids have been really bad lately, I’ve been short-tempered and today was just a mess.

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