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Not a lot to talk about today, market-wise. ADA had been pumping lately, and it looks like someone’s let the air out of BTC. My big position that I opened a couple days ago is about to get stopped out, but I don’t know if I’m actually going to sell it. I continue playing the market with the Start Atlas posters, the latest one dropped today. Oh, and I got a few thousand USDC locked up on FTX because my 2FA codes stopped working for some reason. Fun times.

Last night we tied one on. The neighbors came over — the whole neighborhood would be a more accurate assessment — we let the kids blast some music off the porch and we fed them pizza and ice cream. D. and I drank almost an entire bottle of Glenfiddich, so this morning was a bit rough. We did our cleaning day activities and drove across the water to a rally in support of the the local newspaper, which is at risk of being shut down by their parent company halfway across the country. We stopped at a Mexican joint on the way home and ate out with the girls for the first time in several years. Good times.

I’m not sure what all I’m going to get done today. Gas has been pretty low today, so I’ve done some farming. No trades, just some claiming and staking. Might as well go and manage the BSC farms while I’m at it today. Not sure I’m going to get much else done tonight besides play video games with Elder. I need to turn in early today and get a good start tomorrow.

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