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Today is Missus’s first full day back at the office, so it’s going to be interesting to see how things go with the kids. Everyone is up bright and shiny today, but Younger has been a bit defiant and got a spanking for throwing the cream cheese across the kitchen at breakfast. I think she was testing me, so better to set the tone early. I don’t have anything to do for Zombie, LLC. today except for a hand-off meeting, so I plan on getting things done today.

I finished the Rustlings tutorials yesterday and started on the Rust track at Exercism, I figure I’ll do one a day to keep the blood flowing and build up a reputation, but I don’t want to spend too much time on it since I need to get working on Solana. The hackathon started three or four days ago, so I don’t have much time. It looks like whatever I’ll be doing will be solo for now, as I can’t really prioritize it until I get a few more things done.

The SAIA Dao has between thirty and forty thousand dollars in it right now. The dao itself has the majority of it right now, plus I have some in a Gnosis multisig, and a Solana wallet. I’m the only owner on the Gnosis vault right now, and the Solana wallet is a soft-wallet, so the first order of business is testing and figuring out how to use Solana multi-sig. Identifying who would be the co-owners is another challenge entirely.

I’ve been floating a couple of ideas around in my head for the Star Atlas Arcade, which is offering some $25k in prizes for the hackathon. I hadn’t really settled on anything solid, but then a friend sent me a message about a yield farm pool called HyperJump. It has a spaceship theme to it, and one thing I noticed is that they have a clone of Asteroids in their arcade. The game is built using Unity’s web player, and that gave me an idea.

I spent an hour or so last night downloading Unity and going through a tutorial to create my own Asteroid clone, which I’m calling Star Atlasteroids. I got most of it done, but there are a couple bugs that are preventing it from running properly. I need to do some research to see what options are available to make it work with the outside world, then I may be able to get it to work with Solana. Storing the high scores on Solana might be the first step, but from there there are a lot of things that need to be done, like wallet integration, printing NFTs and so on. HyperJump is giving me some ideas.

Unity has come a long way, and I was showing some of the demos to Elder. She loves games, and I’ve tried to encourage her to learn how to make them. The most I’ve gotten her to do so far is build one of these obbys in Roblox using off-the shelf assets. Last night I told her I was building a game and she immediately started writing down story ideas for ‘planets” in the game. (This morning she came down talking about a “mummy mountain”.) I’m hoping we’ll have more time to work on these ideas together so I can help foster her creativity. Plus digital modeling and game development could be a very lucrative skill.

Still, Unity is a bit more complicated than Roblox. Besides editing assets in the workspace, she’s never really gotten into the whole scripting side of things. Roblox uses Lua, Unity uses C#, and Unreal Engine, which I’ve yet to delve into, uses C++. I’m hoping I’ll be able to get her to delve into the nuts and bolts on this.

Now that Missus is transitioning back to office work, and my days at Zombie are down the single digits, I hope we’ll have more time to work with her on some of these things. It’ll be fun. Of course Younger will need attention as well, but she’ll be starting Kindergarten this fall. I’ll be starting Elder at Galileo XP when public school wraps up a week after my work does, so this summer will be a test for what could a very interesting family business.

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