Altseason over.

It’s been a bit of a mixed day. We partied a bit last night, took out some leveraged positions on ETH and BTC on Perp.Fi. Almost got liquidated so that was fun. Seriously though, I was actually under my estimated liquidation price, but I still had a couple basis points on my position, and the price rebounded. It was quite nerve-wracking. That was last night, with a small position in my regular account. I opened another position with about five grand in my IRA funds. That’s underwater right now but holding steady.

What do you call this pattern?

Spent the rest of the night playing video games, and was pretty useless this AM. Took Younger to get a haircut, bought her a bike at the thrift store, then did some grocery shopping. Spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning the house and getting ready for Elder’s friend to sleep over. Missus has been sick all day, has barely left the bedroom. Cooked pizza for dinner and spent the afternoon playing video games.

I bought the fourth Start Atlas NFT poster. That one is $512, the next one is $1024 and then I’m done. First I need to figure out where I’m getting the cash from. Now is a really bad time to sell. Alts are bleeding all over the place. I don’t think a single coin in my watchlist was up by the daily close. Anyways I’ll find something to dump, maybe harvest a tax loss and get this last poster to bring me up to tier two. SAIADao has raised about $60,000, so I’m going to move forward with a proposal to buy the tier three posters. That’s only about a quarter of what we have in the bank, so we’ll see how things go from there.

I did really pick a horrible time to retire. May has been brutal. I haven’t done too bad, mainly as I’ve just been buying spot. I probably should have tapered off my ETH2x-FLI position, but it’s still up from where I entered, so we should be good. If this is the bottom and I can keep from getting liquidated, then I’ll be feeling fat and happy. But I am underwater right now, and most of my cash is deployed. Sentiment on Twitter is absolutely horrible, but it’s out of my hands now.

One more thing about yesterday. I had the second handoff meeting with the St. Louis team, and spent about ninety minutes going over the particulars of my client list. Of course the guys asked me why I was stepping down and I told them about my crypto activities. I was probably a bit too open, but oh well. I also called the last one of my clients that I wanted to touch base with and said goodbye to. They were actually very interested in my crypto activities, so I might keep in touch. I need to draft a statement or something for social media, and my various publishing platforms. Time to get serious.

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