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Today was about as perfect a day as I could hope for. I woke up rested, had a decent morning and took Elder out for her board meeting/daddy-daughter day. It was pretty nice.

Since we did all of the cleaning late yesterday afternoon, the house was mostly clean when we woke up this morning. There were a few things left over from our activities last night, but overall, I was really happy with how decluttered the front office was while I was meditating this morning.

Younger was a bed hog this morning –apparently she drop-kicked Missus in the face last night. She went to the neighbors this morning and rushed back asking to go to church with them. I’m fine with the free baby-sitting, but have some minor concerns about the indoctrination. I’m not going to freak out about it, as Missus says, we both went to church and we wound up ok.

Elder and I had our quarterly board meeting. The four of us went to Golden Corral last night, a reward for cleaning day. It was Elder’s choice, and I tried to finagle my way out of it today, but went along with it. She wanted to go to the trampoline park, so we did. I just wish I hadn’t done my leg workout this morning. My knees will curse me tomorrow. We spent an hour there, went and got ice cream, and spent the rest of the day playing video games and watching videos with the fam.

I asked Missus to take care of dinner and she ordered Boston Market via GrubHub. We are so different. I cooked bacon, eggs, and hash browns for breakfast this morning, brined some chicken wings for the smoker tomorrow, and cooked about ten lunch and dinners this week, and I ask my wife for dinner and she spends a hundred dollars on two meals.

Money is really foremost on my mind, obviously. I haven’t even looked at the bills from my Miami trip, but I’ve been spending hundreds at the grocery store, not to mention the bill from today’s activities. Tomorrow marks the start of week three of my retirement and I’m already itching to return back to work.

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