Painful productivity

Unlike yesterday, today was not a particularly productive day. I got off to a bad start by staying up till 1:30AM last night, so I was not in top shape this morning when I woke up. To make matters worse, bitcoin took a bit of a dive overnight, and funding on Perpetuals turned slightly positive, meaning that my brilliant passive-income generating strategy was not generating any income. Rates eventually turned negative again, but just barely. Back to the drawing board.

I did a Rust Exercism, but my result was not very idiomatic. I’m getting better, but it’s slow going. We completed a second test transaction on the SAIADao multisig and are ready to move forward with production tests, but while I was reviewing some Solana code I figured out that I might be better off using the generic multisig program in the Anchor framework docs since it can more easily be used to invoke the Serum trades than writing a custom program. We’ll see.

I did manage to do a fair bit of cooking. For dinner I smoked some chicken wings that came out great, but the meal turned out a bit more work. By the time I finished with cleanup I needed a second shower. Tons of leftovers though.

I am definitely back on the atomic habit wagon tonight though. I’m finishing up Deep Work right now and am going to bed early. I want to get up early (on-time) and get a jog in first thing.

I also did a health assessment for my insurance company, earned $100 in credits for doing that and uploading a picture of my vaccine card.

So overall, I did get a lot done today, I just felt like shit.

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