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I’ve had a pretty good Monday. I managed to force myself out for a jog this morning, and ran two and a half miles despite some warm temperatures and high humidity. I knocked out a Exercism, took care of the groceries, went to the hardware store and patched some holes the kids knocked in the wall with the doorknob, and started working on tutorials for GraphQL. Then I managed to cook a big pot of spaghetti for dinner. Not bad.

Not one but both the girls decided to hop on the church bus and go to vacation bible school with the neighbors. D. managed to recruit practically the entire neighborhood. Younger has been going with them for several weeks, but I was surprised Elder wanted to go. It’s kind of out of character for her. I suppose her sister told her how much food they get. Hopefully she doesn’t go in there and start refuting scripture and telling everyone that god is something early humans invented to help them understand the world. That’s what I get for buying her a copy of the Sapiens graphic novel, I suppose.

I finally signed Elder up for Galileo. I went ahead and did the two month summer camp. It’s still my intention to pull her out of public school if she takes to it, but I know Missus remains skeptical. Plus the seven grand tuition might be hard to come by if this market doesn’t take off in the next three months. I’ll have student loans coming due in September as well, so things might be pretty tight.

Marketwise, the price is getting near the point where I don’t feel constantly under duress. My BTC position on Perp.Fi is under 2x now, my ETH one below 4x now. I think I’ll wait for a proper breakout above 42k before I start pulling funding or compounding my margin. I did pull my USDC out of ForceDAO and sent it to my bank. That should give me another six weeks of cash. I’m paying off the credit cards and moving everything else over to the Fold card. We’ll see how that goes.

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