Git add –force

So I literally spent most of the last two days trying to add the TradingView charting_library into our serum-dex-ui. I couldn’t figure out why it didn’t build properly after cloning from Git.

The TV folders were listed in .gitignore, so I removed them and checked the dirs in, but it broke when our other dev checked it out. I saw some sort of git hook on commit that I thought might be doing something, so I pulled that out, started from scratch. Nothing. I tried doing a bunch of diff checks on the directories, cause git status was showing nothing. Diff showed nothing, but I forgot to use -r, so it wasn’t recursing the subdirectories. This would have shown me that two directories in the folders I was checking in, dist and lib, were missing. This is because they also were listed in the .gitignore file. It was simple.

I don’t know whether to blame my oversight on stupidity or overwork, but solving it was 100% tenacity.

Looks like it’s official. Lord knows how we’re going to take custody of the private keys, but most of this will get liquidated for cash and/or go straight into the multisig. I was having anxiety last night about the assets that I’ve currently got. I’m nervous enough that I bought another Ledger today. Should have just bought a three pack to send out to the rest of the VCT. Hindsight 20/20.

Overall, a pretty good day.

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