Stayed up a bit too late last night — again — and have been a bit short on temper today, but boy did I get a lot done. I smoked ten pounds of chicken quarters and cooked a really big dinner, and I’m pretty much wore out right now. I spent the entire rest of my day working on Star Atlas stuff.

Most of it was spent working on the multisig wallet issue. I think we’ve got everything worked out. Our primary mistake was using the wrong number of decimals in the token mint for USDC, but we made a whole bunch more of them during testing. Screwing up multisig and people’s addresses. It was a mess. The important thing is that by the end of the day I was able to transfer 1 USDC out of the multisig back to my wallet. It took forever.

Then I had to write a dao update, which is here, detailing what we’ve been up to. The main takeaway: the dao wallet stands at $304,100, which includes $52,500 in cash and $251,600 in NFTs. That’s a 4x, and we only bought one poster set. God, if only we’d gone further. I’ve got a scheme about membership liquidity there as well, but the details still have to be fleshed out.

Talked to my contact Tobi from YGG. Told him what I was up to with the Solana infrastructure and SAIA stuff. He said he’d talk to the team about making me the SA ambassador. I just want to get in on the call he’s got with the Atlas Co. dev team. We’ll see.

I was completely manic today. I almost forgot to eat lunch and totally forgot about the chicken brining in the fridge until Missus said something to me. I was completely absorbed, and pretty much ignored the kids today. Missus took them out for “something fun”. I drank too much coffee and was a whirlwind all morning. Right now I’m drained and am going to lay down. Tomorrow is the first day of school and I have to get Younger to the bus stop by 6:58. Good lord.

The Days Go On

Well today has been an interesting day.

I woke up really early — 5AM — and finally got up around six and went for a run. I went for my personal best, 3.1 miles, and it took a lot to follow through with the run, but I did it. I spent the next two hours loading up yesterday’s experiment with serum-history in AWS and loading the API data in the Google sheet that I had set up. The girls went to church; I did some touch up painting. The rest of the day I spent on Twitter, watching Netflix and Disney+. I was productive overall.

I’ll have to save discussion of fewmans till later, assuming it goes anywhere beyond the cool million that it raised today. Another time. BTC pumped today, so yay, but funding for my BTC/ETH markets was at an all time low of three hundred dollars.

I finished watching season three of Money Heist, or La Casa de Papier en espanol tonight. I’ve been joking that I was going to learn Spanish by watching it, but I think I’ll try to end it here. It’s much to melodramatic for me, although I have enjoyed it. I used to be skeptical about old jokes like I learned English by watching Police Academy movies, but I feel like I have picked some up. It’s like a plot point in REAMDE where the heroine starts to pick up Arabic from her captors.