The Days Go On

Well today has been an interesting day.

I woke up really early — 5AM — and finally got up around six and went for a run. I went for my personal best, 3.1 miles, and it took a lot to follow through with the run, but I did it. I spent the next two hours loading up yesterday’s experiment with serum-history in AWS and loading the API data in the Google sheet that I had set up. The girls went to church; I did some touch up painting. The rest of the day I spent on Twitter, watching Netflix and Disney+. I was productive overall.

I’ll have to save discussion of fewmans till later, assuming it goes anywhere beyond the cool million that it raised today. Another time. BTC pumped today, so yay, but funding for my BTC/ETH markets was at an all time low of three hundred dollars.

I finished watching season three of Money Heist, or La Casa de Papier en espanol tonight. I’ve been joking that I was going to learn Spanish by watching it, but I think I’ll try to end it here. It’s much to melodramatic for me, although I have enjoyed it. I used to be skeptical about old jokes like I learned English by watching Police Academy movies, but I feel like I have picked some up. It’s like a plot point in REAMDE where the heroine starts to pick up Arabic from her captors.

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