Serum History

Well I have been another level of busy today. I went shopping at the hardware store — time to finish the deck! — balanced the house accounts, and did a bunch of stuff around the house. I spent a majority of my day working on Star Atlas marketplace stuff.

This was the main result, a one-line command that can be run in a web browser to inject Serum custom market IDs into a browser’s local storage. There’s about forty five items in there, and doing it manually across web browsers is a PITA. I started working off a master list in Google Sheets to start collecting price information on the assets there, and I had to do multiple transformations to get the data compiled, sorted by category and rarity, names the way I wanted them. Then I had to convert CSV to JSON using an online tool, then join the lines in Notepad++. It works, but based on the number of ships that are dropping in the GAO sale on the 7th I’m going to be really busy if I’m going to maintain this list.

I want to take this a step further and create a custom Serum frontend of my own, and pre-populate these markets instead of the usual SOL markets that you find on Serum or Raydium. I’ve been messing around with it today, even tried to deploy it to AWS, but I need a TradingView library license. I looked at a couple other options and someone pointed me to a serum-history repo from the Mango DEX team. After a bit of messing around I got it working, and had to do some regex substitution to load the SA markets there. I have it running right now in a VM, chugging along.

Tomorrow I hope I can get this up and running in AWS, then I can populate prices in my Google Sheet. I may even be able to throw it in a React app, a market overview dashboard. There’s a lot to do, but right now I’m exhausted and going to bed.

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