Stayed up a bit too late last night — again — and have been a bit short on temper today, but boy did I get a lot done. I smoked ten pounds of chicken quarters and cooked a really big dinner, and I’m pretty much wore out right now. I spent the entire rest of my day working on Star Atlas stuff.

Most of it was spent working on the multisig wallet issue. I think we’ve got everything worked out. Our primary mistake was using the wrong number of decimals in the token mint for USDC, but we made a whole bunch more of them during testing. Screwing up multisig and people’s addresses. It was a mess. The important thing is that by the end of the day I was able to transfer 1 USDC out of the multisig back to my wallet. It took forever.

Then I had to write a dao update, which is here, detailing what we’ve been up to. The main takeaway: the dao wallet stands at $304,100, which includes $52,500 in cash and $251,600 in NFTs.┬áThat’s a 4x, and we only bought one poster set. God, if only we’d gone further. I’ve got a scheme about membership liquidity there as well, but the details still have to be fleshed out.

Talked to my contact Tobi from YGG. Told him what I was up to with the Solana infrastructure and SAIA stuff. He said he’d talk to the team about making me the SA ambassador. I just want to get in on the call he’s got with the Atlas Co. dev team. We’ll see.

I was completely manic today. I almost forgot to eat lunch and totally forgot about the chicken brining in the fridge until Missus said something to me. I was completely absorbed, and pretty much ignored the kids today. Missus took them out for “something fun”. I drank too much coffee and was a whirlwind all morning. Right now I’m drained and am going to lay down. Tomorrow is the first day of school and I have to get Younger to the bus stop by 6:58. Good lord.

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