Back to school

What a absolutely crazy day.

First off I couldn’t sleep last night, I was thinking about SAIADao and couldn’t turn my brain off. I don’t think it was anxiety, might have been one of my pills that I took before bed. Maybe niacin. Anyways I was up until almost two AM, going back and forth between bed and the couch. I tried meditating. Finally passed out and woke up just in time to throw on some clothes and walk Younger to the bus stop for her first day of Kindergarten.

I went right into checking the serum-history infrastructure. The AWS instance was down again, so I rebooted it and had to get that back up. (If it does it tomorrow I’m going to have to get serious about it). My brain was a mess. Missus wanted to talk to me about going out to breakfast — she took the day off — but all I could think about was the Star Atlas sales.

And oh boy, was that something. Instead of just opening their marketplace like I thought they were going to do, they instead did one ship at a time over the course of the day. I figured out pretty early that prices were going to tank on the first item, so I dumped mine and bought ten more for the same price. It was a small win, and I only did it to give myself some practice before the big ones came up.

It did not go as smoothly.

Raydium seemed to be having problems, and it seemed to be affecting Solana as a whole and I had a lot of problems placing and cancelling orders. I lost out on a big sale trying to sell a ship for four grand before the market opened at thirteen hundred. I missed it by a few seconds. The last drop of the day was a large ship that was supposed to sell for nine K, but there were a ton of twenty grand buy orders up on the market before the sale was supposed to start. Then someone, probably a pre-sale participant since they were the only ones with one of the four ships in existence, started doing some spoofing before the market, and it looked like a sale went through for a quarter mil.

So most of my day was going over the dao details with new members, we actually got ten grand from one individual early this morning, so I had a lot of cash on hand to play with. We bought quite a few ships, and tomorrow it happens again with another group of ships. I don’t know how much we’re going to go for since we want to maintain cash for our token purchases, but there’s some money to be made flipping these ships. The art is figuring out what the price is and whether it’ll sell out. I think I have a strategy for tomorrow.

I talked to a lot of people today and got a lot done. I’ve managed to pull the serum-history OHLC data into a Python notebook and do some charts. No one has these but me right now, as far as I know. I might be naive.

Hopefully not.

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