Humming along

Well at the risk of sounding repetitive: what a crazy day.

Still had trouble sleeping last night and slept on the couch, just enough time to get Elder to the bus stop, then it was Star Atlas Star Atlas Star Atlas. Missus went to work and I had six glorious hours to do work uninterrupted. I was busy.

I managed to work out, I figured I needed to do it to burn off some of this energy that’s had me manic and insomniatic these last few days. I was at my desk by nine, roaring to get busy.

We were able to do a successful test and sent an NFT to and from the multisig. We are ready to start transferring assets out of the hot wallet. I think I’ll sleep easier once the posters and rewards badges are out of there. I had a voice call with the hegemon of IA, Kristian, and got up to speed on what he’s been gathering from the Star Atlas team, that definitely helped, and then I had another call from a guy that’s helping me with the technical side of things.

Then it was a lot of time on Discord, answering questions about dao membership and so forth. We had several new members, so I was busy. We also got access to a new dao system built on Solana — it’s devnet, so nothing to talk about yet.

I got a lot done before two when I had to pick up Elder from the bus stop. Got there early and wound up giving a long monologue about what I do for a living.

Tomorrow will be busy, the GAO resumes with four drops (Guardian!) and there’s supposed to be this drop for something called Fewmans tomorrow. We’ll see if I can manage to snag them or if they don’t sell out in one block. They’re free, but there will be a gas fight, and I haven’t figured out how much trouble I’m going to go through to get it.

Overall, things are really going good right now on the business end, I’m making lots of contacts and getting lots of stuff built out. Family wise, the adjustment to school and a new schedule has been really difficult. The kids really don’t like the half hour of screen time, but we’ll adjust if they can maintain things like we did during the summer. God help me.

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