Good work

Yes, I am still completely exhausted, and going at one hundred percent. I didn’t have too much trouble sleeping last night, but Younger woke me up at three in the morning and it was game over. I laid around until six and went for a three mile jog in a light drizzle just before dawn. It was rough, but I pushed hard at the end and didn’t stop the entire run. What more can I ask for.

I got access to the Trading View library and was off to the races. I managed to get serum-dex-ui working locally with chart, and just finished getting it running on an AWS instance an hour or two ago. There are issues with orders and settlement that need to be resolved, but I’m really pleased with myself.

The dao got more members today as well, and I just placed a very low bid for a capital ship for over $31,000. It’s just at the low end of the leaked price, so I’m just going to let the order come to me. If it sells out, eh, no big deal, there will be more in the coming weeks. So I’ll go upstairs and watch the charts for a few more minutes, see if it sells out and hopefully, get the first good night’s sleep in days.

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